Greetings from the Bavarian State Minister of Justice Georg Eisenreich, MdL 


Ladies and Gentlemen,


in its almost 50 years history, SKILEX is constantly succesfull in bringing together two things: Jurisprudence and skiing. As the bavarian  minister for justice and an enthusiastic skier and mountaineer i am pleased to assume patronage of the 2023 congress, taking place in Berchtesgaden.

The combination of jurispriudence and skiing means diversion and promises pleasures on the slopes as well as during past time. Interesting lectures and thrilling competitions are on stake.

The congress with many participants from abroad, is also dedicated to international understanding, as such being an important sign in times like these. 

My gratitude goes to the organization of the 48th SKILEX-congress, which enabled this special gathering and made shure that it will work out alright.

Thanks to their high commitment and personal input this great event was made possible.

Wishing all participants and competitiors a successful week in Berchtesgaden and, most of all, fun and excitement while skiing.



Georg Eisenreich, MdL




Ladies and gentlemen,

Dear Skilex friends


When Skilex Germany, in April 2019 in Val-d’Isère, volunteered to host the International Skilex congress for the seventh time, no one thought, that at that time suddenly a virus would dominate our lives in fundamentally changes. At the time we met at our Skilex Congress in Rogla in February 2020, we were already aware of the coronavirus, but nobody expected that we would have to accept serious interference with our fundamental rights and freedoms. Now we are richer by some experience. Rules have been amended. New legal questions have arisen, particularly as regards sports and sporting events. The 48. International Skilex Congress in Berchtesgaden will provide an opportunity to discuss these current legal issues at the international level.


With its infrastructure, Berchtesgaden is ideally suited for organizing a Skilex congress. I would be particularly pleased if we could welcome a very large number of young colleagues to this Congress. Skilex International now also offers law students to become a member of Skilex International. We want to make it clear that the opinions of our young colleagues are important to us.


I would like to thank Skilex Germany for their courage to organize such an ambitious congress in such difficult times. I wish all participants interesting discussions and nice days in Berchtesgaden.


Dr Fritz Vierthaler

President Skilex International

48th Skilex-Congress, Berchtesgaden,  February 28th - March 7th 2021 


For the 7th time now, Skilex Germany is honoured to organize the international Skilex-congress.


As always, Skilex Germany is anxious to find the right balance between law and sports, between scenic landscape, culture and history.


Berchtesgaden and its surroundings represents, without any doubt, one of the most beautiful parts of Germany. Dating back to the 12th century, Berchtesgaden offers an impressive range of cultural activities – also thanks to the close vicinity of world famous Salzburg. Thus, keeping the cultural heritage with regards to architecture as well as art and tradition has always been the focus.


In the field of „SKI“ this year’s congress will hold competitions not only in the „classic“ giant slalom and cross-country but also in parallel slalom and biathlon.


In the Field of „LEX“ the congress offers a wide variety of subjects with top-class speakers.


Since SKILEX also represents a social occasion – long-time members know how much this is true – we will gather in the evenings sipping delicious bavarian beer with old and new friends from all over the world.


When we started organizing in 2019, we had no idea what a dramatic development our lives would take. But now we are confident that we can all meet in Berchtesgaden in February 2023. We are looking forward to seeing you.