Competition Rules


Judges and their recognized trainees, public prosecutors, solicitors/barristers (lawyers) and their recognized trainees, notaries, their recognized trainees and law students are eligible for participation.

Spouse and children of those participating in SKILEX can participate in the guests category; the organizing committee reserves the right to verify the conditions of eligibility.



The following competitions will be organized and are open to all eligible participants:

- Giant slalom

- Cross- country individual (free-style) women 5 km/ men 10 km (5 km from 1966 and older)

- Cross-country relay per nation (3 x 5 km)



Registration for the SKILEX competitions should be submitted to the Organization Committee before 30 November 2013:

SKILEX Deutschland e.V. - c/o Barbara C. Weber

The acceptance of later registration remains reserved.




Class  ............. Year of Birth

I              1988 and younger

II                  1978 bis 1987

III                 1968 bis 1977

IV                 1958 bis 1967

V                  1957 and older

VI                Guests                  


Class  ............. Year of Birth

I              1988 and younger

II                  1978 bis 1987

III                 1968 bis 1977

IV                 1958 bis 1967

V                  1957 and older

VI                 Guests               

In the event that the number of participants for the giant slalom exceeds 20 in a given class, the organizing committee will subdivide the

classes II, III, IV, V into two, with a difference of 5 years in age. The same applies for the classes VIII, IX and X when the number of participants exceeds 10, as well as for the cross-country competitions. The organizing committee will merge two groups, should the number of participants in a class be less than three.



In addition to the ratings of the individual classes, there will be an overall rating for each discipline. There will be separate results for the

SKILEX combination, resulting from the giant slalom and the cross-country competitions.



The eight best SKILEX competitors from each country, with a maximum of two in each category and a minimum of one for each competition (giant slalom and individual cross-country) will be evaluated on a point system. Points will be given according to the results of each competitor. The country accumulating the fewest points will be the winner!



The starting order for each class will be determined by drawing lots. The jury will decide the starting order of the classes, according to the prevailing weather and snow conditions.



Protests are to be submitted to the jury in accordance with the International Competition Rules (ICR).



Participation in the competitions, as well as in all events, is at the risk of the participant. The organizing committee denies any liability for participants, spectators or third parties.



The statutes of SKILEX International will regulate any points not covered by the above, followed by the International Competition Rules (ICR),and the FIS Rules.